A tale of two creatures

Like many media organisations, we get sent a range of commercial detritus to draw attention to various launches or promotions, many of which seem like they help to keep the overseas crap factories ticking over. And in the past couple of days we’ve been sent two very different animal-related products, one celebrating continued survival, the other warning of impending death.

The more positive package came from Stihl, which followed up its brilliant bickering brothers work with a more interactive TVC via DDB that asked Kiwis whether the hero should save Flossie the lamb or his cherished chainsaw in a barn fire. More than 30,000 Kiwis headed online to vote and, presumably to Stihl’s disappointment, more than two-thirds chose to save the lamb.

It also tested the theory at Fieldays, “an event known for attracting thousands of Kiwi farmers well versed on the life cycle of a lamb chop”, with visitors to the Stihl exhibition given a token to vote for their ending of choice. Once again, two thirds chose to save Flossie.

“We were quite surprised how many people chose to save the lamb over the chainsaw, especially at Fieldays where we expected more to choose their beloved power tool,” says Stihl marketing manager Stace Hall. “We’ve listened to the public so we’re now playing the full scene with the favoured ending on television.” 

As for the more sinister delivery, Hell has a history of sending less traditional and more controversial PR bumf to match its less traditional and more controversial marketing campaigns. For its smoked rabbit pizza, it sent out a ceramic smoking baby, and for its soon-to-launch kangaroo pizza, which it is drawing attention to by telling Australians it has taken their kangaroos hostage, it sent a little something to show that it’s deadly serious and will take action if its demands aren’t met.  

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