Sweden lists itself on Airbnb

Been browsing Airbnb lately and come across Sweden? In a new campaign Visit Sweden has listed the entire country on the website for to encourage people to visit and roam through Swedish Nature.

In the listing are nine locations including Rustic Forest Retreat in Vintage Style, Rocky Island in the Stockholm Archipelago, Classic Lookout Point by Spectacular Mountains and Cliff with Panoramic Ocean View.

Each location has a page with details about the space, its amenities, the house rules, reviews and its availability. All are available 365 days a year.

To support the listing, there’s a tongue-and-cheek video in which Ake, a Swedish citizen, who talks up his home – all 100 million acres of it.

He slips in details about the 100,000 tempered infinity pools, views of the northern lights and the freedom to roam. According to Visit Sweden, that right is called Allemansrätten and it allows people in Sweden to move around freely in nature and it wants people to visit Sweden and take advantage of it.

“It’ a right protected by law that allows me to sleep and eat and walk pretty much where ever I want and now you can too,” Ake says in the video.

Opening up itself to people from all over the world is nothing new for Sweden as the Airbnb listing follows last year’s ‘The Swedish Number’ campaign.

It gave the country of Sweden its own phone number and when people called it, they would get connected to a random Swede, anywhere in Sweden to talk about anything.

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