Surfers call for an end to daylight savings

After-work surfs are something of a ritual for surfers, who generally rush out of the office a few minutes early to squeeze in a couple of waves when they can. However, as soon as the daylight savings change announces the end of summer, those afternoon surfs quickly dissipate as nothing more than a memory of another summer gone. 

But a group of surfers banding together under the banner of the Raglan Surf Report have just about had it, and are calling on the forces that be to #GiveOurHourBack. 

The team is calling on like-minded folks to sign a survey in support of their cause.

As explained in the write-up: “Yes, It’s that time of year again. The end of Daylight savings, or the start of daylight savings? I guess it depends on what side of the fence you’re on. With winter, and the shortest day of the year approaching, the days are getting shorter, so why make them even shorter by knocking an hour of daylight off? may be a positive for morning people, but mornings are the worst time of day, this is a scientifically proven fact! So let’s get the NZ Government to sort it out and give us back our hour of daylight after work!”

The surfers across the world aren’t the only ones bemoaning the existence of daylight savings, with John Oliver also doing a segment on it a while back.    


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