Sure to rise: Kiwibank stops and smells the flour for insurance push

Kiwibank and Assignment Group got out the craft knife last year for a quirky Welcome Home Loan promotion featuring a couple that lived in a cardboard house. And they’ve continued that crafty theme with a stop-motion ode to dough that aims to draw attention to its insurance products. 

“Who said insurance needs to be dull? We wanted to open up the subject of life insurance by employing a sense of fun, and better communicate what it’s actually about: the ability to keep money coming in when you most need it,” says Kiwibank’s head of brand and communications Regan Savage.  

At this stage it’s online only, “as this is for our own customers first of all​”. 

Kiwibank has developed a range of tools and guides on its website, showcasing the options from Kiwi Insurance and Tower Insurance. 


Vocals & music – Lydia Bennett, recorded with Lee Prebble at The Surgery

Lyrics – Sarah Harpur

Production Company – National Park

Director –Toby Donald 

Producer – Melissa Donald

Creatives – Chrissie Lahood & Duncan Munro

Producer – Juliet Dreaver

Account Director  – Rebecca Toomer

Direct Marketing Manager – Lisa Campbell

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