SuperBowl ad rundown

The SuperBowl has become the red carpet event of the year for the advertisers, in the sense that they get to unleash the work that they are proudest of on arguably the most well-watched stage in America. This year, the hype has not disappointed, and major brands have unleashed a plethora of high-budget teasers and ads, some of which have already attracted millions of views. So, here’s a rundown of the some of the more popular offerings thus far.  

Cheerios is once again pulling at the heartstrings with the family that last year resulted in a storm of racist responses from the trolls that live under the online bridge of anonymity. Despite the risk of invoking further ire, the cereal company has not only brought the same actors back but also hints at two new additions in the future.

In what could possibly be one of the more sexist spots released for this year’s SuperBowl, VW gives wings to German engineers. The only problem is that all the engineers depicted in the ad are men. In fact, the only females featured in the ad are a smug teenager and a lady in an elevator who unfairly slaps a winged engineer. Given that this ad doesn’t live up to the standards of ‘The Force‘ and ‘The Dog Strikes Back‘, there are rumours that VW might be releasing a different ad during the actual event.     

In case you were wondering what would happen if you fed a pair of actresses a diet solely consisting of coffee and Red Bull for a week, then you might find this case study from Swiffle useful. The enthusiastic vacuum-cleaning housewives depicted in this spot result in a great satire that expends more energy on slamming inequality than promoting the product. Maybe the guys at VW should’ve watched this spot before excluding women when it came to the distribution of wings.

Patriotism has become a recurring theme in SuperBowl advertisements, and this teaser from Budweiser suggests that tears are going to flow as freely as the beers in the stands this year.

And in what seems like it could be a legendary twist, Budweiser released ‘Puppy Love’, the story of a heroic horse and its friend the puppy, the day after the teaser hit YouTube. 

The Matrix gets an operatic mashup in a spot from South Korean car manufacturer Kia that encourages consumers to reconsider how they look at luxury.

Ever since Goldilocks took a bite of Papa Bear’s porridge, he has been grumpily looking for a replacement. And by the looks of things, it seems that he has finally found what he desires in the natural goodness of Chobani.

Jaguar commissioned the expertise of three British villains to encourage American consumers to embrace their “bad” side. And it appears that no expenses were spared in the making of this spot, because, in addition to featuring the luxury vehicle, the spot made use of a private jet, helicopter, double-decker bus and secret lair fit for a criminal mastermind.

In what could be seem as an attempt to ameliorate its brand image in response to repeated accusations of sexism in its ads, Axe has taken an ethical approach with its new spot, which encourages the people of earth to make love instead of war. While the message is rather ambitious, the ad is beautifully shot and it features some memorable surprises.

Terry Crews and the Muppets use the power of song to show off how much can fit into a Highlander. 

After enduring the pessimism of everyone around him, a young footballer named Adrian defies the odds and goes further (much, much further) than anyone ever expected him to in this Coke ad.


Last year, GoDaddy made the dreams of Jesse Heiman come true when he got to pash Bar Rafaelli no less than 45 times, and, as far as the teaser suggests, this year they are shifting their attentions to more serious dreams  in a spot that talks about business ownership.

Paramount Pictures is also using the leverage of SuperBowl hype in order to promote the release of Noah, a rendition of the Biblical classic that features Russell Crowe in the title role.

Stephen Colbert twists the focus onto himself in a teaser for Wonderful Pistachios.      

It’s been well publicised that Newcastle Beer was going to make the greatest beer ad ever, but according to Anna Kendrick, who was going to star in the spot, the company unfortunately didn’t have enough money. In this glorious rant, she not only discusses her level of hotness but also talks about what a difference it could’ve made to her career. 

Newcastle also gathered some people to discuss the idea that was proposed. 

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