Stuff launches Stuff Ads

Stuff’s self-service advertising platform, Stuff Ads, has officially launched – offering Kiwi SMEs a new way to get their business in the news.

Stuff Ads enables customers to build their own ads and place them within or alongside trustworthy news content on Stuff.co.nz

Stuff product manager Chloe Masters says the days of needing big budgets to access a quality local audience are now long gone.

“Stuff Ads was developed as a way to back small businesses by reducing the barriers to entry for advertising on Stuff.

“Our research revealed Kiwi businesses wanted to be on Stuff but it seemed out of reach – so we knew we needed a platform that was easy to use and affordable, with your booking being just a few clicks away.

“Stuff has 3 million unique visitors every month so we can provide customers with access to the biggest digital news audience in the country. And research shows news websites are four times more likely to be trusted than social media. A lot of that is down to brand safety – when you advertise with Stuff you can trust that your ad isn’t going to appear alongside fake news, conspiracy theories… or worse.”

Stuff Ads offers a simple step-by-step process to get campaigns live. All businesses need is an image, two lines of copy and the website address they want to promote. The whole campaign can be managed through the platform – businesses can track results, change their budget, refine targeting and update creative, all in one place. 

For extra support, Stuff Ads has a local team of ad experts available. The team reviews every campaign to ensure it meets New Zealand advertising standards and policies.

The platform has no minimum spend, so any Kiwi business can take advantage of Stuff’s offering.

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