Studies by experts find StopPress readers are better than most people

HB-xmas-greetingRecent studies have shown and all experts agree: StopPress readers are much more intelligent and good looking than other people.

The same studies and experts also confirmed that this particular Christmas greeting being sent out by the team at StopPress, NZ Marketing and HB Media is likely to be up to three times more sincere than those sent out by other companies.

We think our cherished readers deserve a longer holiday than everyone else, so, as a gift to you, this will be the last post until the next decade. But fear not, for all the marcomms news, gossip and slander you so desperately crave will be back on air on 11 January.

Extremely hearty thanks to our gold sponsors TVNZ, The Media Counsel, TBWA\, Perceptive, Flying Fish, Ubiquity, Orange Box and Adshel and our silver sponsors Omnigraphics, nzherald.co.nz and IDC photographers. We hope you receive many scorched almonds for your good deeds.

And similarly hearty thanks to all the readers, writers, lovers, haters, commentors, non-commentors, emailers, press releasers, supporters and anyone else in the industry who’s helped to make StopPress such a rip-roaring success. May this be the start of a beautiful friendship, may your yaks be fertile and may you survive almost entirely on sausages over the silly sausage season.

Our undying love,
Team StopPress

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