Strategy’s Share an Idea gets international co-creation plaudits

Strategy Design and Advertising and the Christchurch City Council’s Share an Idea campaign, which involved the community piping up about the redevelopment of the Central City following the earthquakes, was the unanimous overall winner of this year’s Co-Creation Award—and it’s the first time the Netherlands-based Co-Creation Association has given it to a campaign from outside Europe. 


Vimeo VideoShare an Idea, which won Strategy’s first ever Effie a few months back and also picked up gold, silver and bronze at the Best Awards, was nominated by Capgemini Consulting after the company read about the initiative on a Dutch news website. It beat out 48 other nominations for the honour.

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker says the award is great recognition of the work by council and its staff.

“Share an Idea was designed not only to collect and process the best ideas from our people, it was also designed to replace our sense of powerlessness in the face of the earthquakes that shattered our city. Our community’s vision provided all of us with a vision that gave us a reason to have hope; hope for ourselves and our descendants that we would again have a city that would sustain us and our descendants in a way that the city we had just lost had done.”

Chairman of the jury Jaco van Zijll Langhout says it established co-creation with the community in several ways and at several moments in time: an online platform to post ideas, a Community Expo, workshops and roadshows, to develop the city centre together.

“The response on this initiative was overwhelming: more than 106,000 ideas have been shared and more than 10,000 people visited the Expo. Next to developing the new city centre, the result of this co-creation is also a stronger community.”

The award will be presented to Parker next month when Jaco van Zijll Langhout visits New Zealand.

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