StopPress + Zavy Social Scoreboard rundown

Following the launch of the Zavy and StopPress Social Scoreboard in June – featuring the social media performance of New Zealand’s top 25 traditional media advertising spenders – Zavy shares some insights into the action over the last couple of months. 

  • See the current scoreboard, which compares how the top 25 traditional media advertising spenders in New Zealand have performed on social media over the past 30 days, here

Having dominated the social space through the first half of the year (prior to Zavy and StopPress tracking the action on a scoreboard), Air New Zealand was displaced in July when McDonald’s took the lead.

The overtake was due to a successful McDonald’s campaign that gave away 25,000 Big Macs for downloading the McDonald’s app.

A short video was shared on Facebook and as of today, has seen over 26,000 views with 317 comments.

It’s since been a shuffle of the fast-food chains with KFC taking the top position. Zavy credits the move up to KFC’s significant investment in YouTube that’s seen it gain considerable reach, if not the same engagement levels.

This week’s KFC post about its Nashville Hot Sauce boosted it to top position, as it’s had over 1,000 reactions on Facebook, with 1,500 comments and 74 shares.

Following behind KFC is Air New Zealand, and despite the airline having below average posting frequency – posting on Facebook around three to four times a week compared to other brands posting on average 1.5 times a day – it creates leasing engagement levels through its content.

According to Zavy, Air New Zealand is a key reference brand from social media marketing as they deliver a broad and rich content strategy covering key social media channels.

On top of this, Air New Zealand has the greatest net positive sentiment compared to KFC and McDonald’s with 15 percent, while  KFC come in at 10 percent and McDonald’s at seven percent.

This is calculated by collecting the positive comments and subtracting off the negative comments.

Whittaker’s remain a much loved New Zealand brand, leading with a whopping 45 percent.

Zavy CEO David Bowes says positive sentiment is an important part of building a brand as there is a correlation between positive sentiment and brand growth.

“If you have positive sentiment you have a better chance of succeeding.”

To view the top 25 brands and the top five posts here.

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