StopPress Presents: ‘From broadcast to broadband’—a guide to digital video

As a still-nascent format, digital video can be a confusing realm for brands to navigate. So do you need it? And if you do, then what? Facebook video or YouTube? Long form or short form? DIY or through a production or media company? Pre-roll, in-feed, standalone or the whole kit and kaboodle? Once you’ve built it, will they come? And if they do come, how do you measure success? Fortunately, we’ve gathered together a gang of big brains to answer those questions, guide you through some of the trends and help you get better results.

StopPress Presents: A Guide to Digital Video is organised in partnership with co-hosts NZME and TVNZ and will take place at the Spark Conference Centre in Auckland, Tues 22 September, from 5.00pm.

Lance Traore, managing director Australia and New Zealand at Unruly Media, will be the keynote speaker and will explain, among other things, the science of sharing, global and regional digital video trends and why content created for social media needs to be more than just a TVC.

This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion on the ins and outs of digital video, covering everything from when to use it, what type to use, who to work with, who’s watching it, how to distribute it and how to measure success.

And the other panellists are:


  • Laura Maxwell, group head of revenue at NZME
  • Robbie Spargo, content strategist/project manager at TVNZ Content Solutions
  • James Moore, managing director and executive producer at Flying Fish 
  • Regan Savage, head of marketing communications and content at Kiwibank

The discussion will be moderated by StopPress editor and associate publisher Ben Fahy.

Tickets are $29 and it’s first come, first served. Get in quick and buy your tickets here because tickets will likely go faster than mince through a Japanese dumpling machine.

Guests will be fed and watered on arrival from 5.00 – 6.00pm

Seating for 6.00pm.


  • And if you prefer your guides to digital video in print (or you like a bit of both), get your copy of the September/October edition of NZ Marketing. 

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