Stickman steps up to save New Zealand shoppers from spendy temptations

PAK’nSAVE’s iconic Stickman is stepping up this festive period to help customers resist the season’s spendy temptations in an ingenious way.

Usually only on our screens for a few seconds, viewers will get treated to three uninterrupted minutes of Stickman as he takes over ad breaks throughout December to block out the Christmas clutter and keep us focused on saving our hard-earned cash from overpriced stuff.

The ad shows Stickman helpfully using his DIY adblocker to cover up what would otherwise be spendy temptations.

Lauren Ness, Senior Marketing Manager, PAK’nSAVE says these adblockers are an exciting first for PAK’nSAVE and show the New Zealand co-operative’s maverick spirit.

“The ads at this time of year are extremely tempting, and Stickman is here to block out ads that tempt you with things you don’t really need.

“PAK’nSAVE doesn’t do Christmas like the other supermarkets – everything we do, we do to save our customers money. So no big budget flashy ads or expensive give-aways  – we focus on what people really want – quality food at New Zealand’s lowest food prices.”

Ness says it’s been another challenging year for Kiwis, and they wanted to think outside of the box for this campaign. Coming up with the disruptive adblocker idea, was something that feels very true to the brand she says. 

Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall, Executive Creative Directors at FCB say: “Stickman has been hassling us for ages to have more screen time and when he showed us his amazing ad blocker invention we felt like he deserved to show it off to his fans.”

Stickman is the nation’s personal saver, motivating people to “Crave the Save” and keep their hard-earned money now more than ever, and this approach just felt really true to the brand.

Ness adds that the team is thrilled with the final campaign and can’t wait for it to take over TV screens across New Zealand. 

“Stickman is still on his mission to help kiwis save, and we think this campaign is a brilliant reflection of PAK’nSAVE’s dedication to cut all unnecessary costs and frills in order to save our customers money.”

Make sure to tune into TVNZ throughout December for your chance to catch Stickman’s Spendy Temptation Blocker in action.

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