Steinlager’s beermented reality app

Not satisfied with simply being the beer sponsor for the All Blacks, Steinlager has gone all gadgety with its latest venture—an iPhone app that helps All Blacks supporters find their way around town whislt keeping them up to date with real-time stream of All Blacks news. And, because ending up passed out in a gutter somewhere isn’t ideal, the app also helps ensure you get home safely. 

“This is very unique offering for fans of Steinlager and the All Blacks. What better way to showcase what this new, innovative technology can do,” says Steinlager marketing manager Todd Gordon.

The app works by allowing fans to track down bars that are showing the rugby (Steinlager bars only, of course) by using a map-based or augmented reality bar finder that runs off the iPhone’s GPS. Directions the barsʼ locations are displayed within a real-time view of the user’s surroundings, using the iPhone’s camera. According to Steinlager, the app makes it the first beer brand in New Zealand to develop and use the Augmented Reality technology.

The app also comes equipped with a check in function enabling users to decipher how busy a bar might be. Steinlager is further sweetening the deal by offering spot prizes during matches to those who have checked in.

And as for getting you home safely, the app comes equipped with a built-in taxi finder.

Sadly, if you’re not an iPhone user, you’ll miss out. Steinlager says while it is working on developing the app for use by Android phones, there are technological issues in belnding augmented reality with Android phones.

But if that’s not all clear enough for you, you can see how the app works in the video below.

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