Stanley St campaign launches with new AR app

Rebel Sport and Stanley St’s new campaign has recently launched with a New Zealand first – a new AR app promoted using Facebook Playable Ads.

Play by Rebel Sport is an interactive digital experience set to engage the competitive side of Kiwis, and offers the chance for players to win $15,000 worth of prizes. 

The first game to launch on Play is basketball, one of the fastest-growing sports in New Zealand.

The game is simple – shoot the basketball into the hoop as many times in a row as you can. 

The interactive ad allows the user to play a demo of the game within Facebook, to trial the app experience and drive downloads. 

Users can also access the app by aiming their phone straight at Play by Rebel Sport posters in stores across the country to get playing. 

Mobile phone and tablet users can trigger image recognition and augmented reality, opening an interactive mobile game experience.

Data will connect the mobile gaming experience to the real world, using interactive digital billboards.

LUMO will identify the app’s top scorers in real-time, and connect the database to their CMS software, serving the public live, dynamic, leader board content for those who have always wanted to see their name in lights. 

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