Springload and Touchtech announce merger

Wellington-based digital agencies Springload and Touchtech have announced a merger and will now trade under the Springload brand. 

The merged entity will mean that Springload is now Wellington’s largest independently owned experience design company, housing almost 70 staff.

It came as a result of both companies wanting to upscale and step towards growth in technology and design. A few positions were rejigged where double ups occurred and StopPress has learned since publishing the article that there were two staff redundancies, one staff member has been transferred to a 3-month contract and another staff member has left the business.

Springload founder and chief executive Bron Thomson says, “finally there’s a large independent company in our local market (Wellington) who has the technical gravitas to deliver massive projects but with the focus on usability, user experience, customer experience, and organisational experience,”.

Chief executive officer of Touchtech Andrew Smith says when you look at other New Zealand-founded software development/experience companies many of them are owned by offshore companies.

“I think the fact we’re independently owned makes a huge difference as does our size.”

As a result, Springload now provides a true full-service digital offering that includes UX, content, design, development (native app, mobile and desktop), product and AI (natural language processing, machine learning and chatbots). The merger also increases its strategic capability.

The idea of joining arms was seeded at a series of WREDA-organised meetups with a bunch of chief executives, where Thomson and Smith attended.

Thomson adds that from the start she and Smith sensed there was a nice fit.

“We shared similar values, and there was massive alignment around people and culture. Touchtech had a really strong technical capability that would complement our design and human-centred focus. It felt like a match made in heaven”.

Thomson reiterates that scale is integral to success, and that the merger feels like it’s a step towards growth in the business, and enables the company to make a stronger impact.

“As a merged company, we’re truly at that intersection where technology and humanity meet. The opportunities for growth and improving the customer experience are immense”.

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