Sport Check champions Olympians’ pain

Since the Olympics kicked off, videos of athletes breaking records, reaching new heights and new speeds have gone viral, but so too have the videos of athletes injuring themselves in the process. Sport Check has turned the moments that make audiences cringe into moments of inspiration in a powerful campaign to build support for the Canadian team.

In one 90 second and two 60 second videos, the ‘#WhatItTakes’ campaign champions the pain Canadian athletes endure in the pursuit of their dreams to highlight how dedicated the team is to taking the top spot.

While scenes are shown of broken bones, falls and bloody wounds, a voice over reads the lines: “we wish this misery upon you, because it gives birth to brilliance”.

In its first week the 90 second spot has reached nearly half a million views on YouTube, while the two 60 second spots have both seen nearly 160,000 views in their first few days.

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