Sponsor post: Onscreen Advertising unveils two LED giants

OnScreen Advertising has announced the commission of two new outdoor LED screens at the main entrance to ASB Showgrounds.

Installed in January, the large LED screens face in opposite directions providing long range views in both directions down Greenlane West.

Each screen contains 10.5 square metres of viewing space, and shares a 90-second program loop with advertising space for up to eight clients. Each ad will appear a minimum of 960 times per day, 24/7.

Tony Scott, OnScreen’s general manager, says: “Greenlane is the fourth busiest surface street in Auckland, with an average of 24,000 vehicles traveling along this road every day.”

He adds: “There’s also an enormous amount of foot traffic as ASB Showgrounds admit 1.2 million people per year. Screen images are seen by those attending Alexandra Park Racecourse, Cornwall Park and Greenlane Hospital.”

And Scott adds that there are further advantages when it comes to outdoor ads.

“Two other key numbers to remember when considering outdoor screen advertising: 87 percent brand recall and 10 times the visual contact of conventional billboards.”

The two outdoor LED screens are managed and sold by OnScreen Advertising ([email protected]). They offer several unique features to potential customers.

Product exclusivity ensures that only one client from a recognised industry or sector will appear on screen at any given time.

Rates are scaled to accommodate a broad range of products and services. Introductory and long term rates have been heavily discounted to reward those advertisers who come on first.

For more information, visit: www.onscreenadvertising.co.nz or call (09) 377 7644, 027 291 0088 (after hours)

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