Speight’s Summit gets into the music with manic BDO video

Youtube VideoBrands increasingly need to look for creative ways to make the most of their sponsorship dollars. And bands increasingly need to look for creative ways to make money. So, what better way to do both of these things than by filming and editing a pretty bloody good music video in one rather manic day at Auckland’s last Big Day Out, something Kiwi band I am Giant and Speight’s Summit did. 

Director Greg Page from Flying Fish’s music video arm Fish and Clips and twenty crew worked from 7.30am—5.30pm filming thousands of festival-goers and the 6098 frames were cut and edited at Mount Smart Stadium before the end result—replete with a few obligatory shots of revellers holding the sponsor’s product—was rushed over to the stage and shown to the crowd as the finale to I Am Giant’s set at 7pm.

“I’ve always loved animation, and I love shooting rock clips,” says Page. “This was a mad combination of both and the coolest thing was we did it for real, using old school techniques and thousands of enthusiastic fans. I was in a daze as I stood under the big screen with the band and watched the clip play for the first time. Rock and roll at its best.”

The video will be available online for people to view on the Summit Facebook page, where there are free downloads of the ‘Purple Heart’ track available. And, in a nice social media tie-in that taps into the narcissistic rock n roll streak, those lucky enough to make the cut will also be able to tag themselves in it.

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