Special Group shows the power of being reunited

Teddies will be lost and heartstrings will be pulled in Special Group’s first work for InterCity.

Some of my fondest memories are travelling alone through New Zealand’s vistas with InterCity, watching the trees go past as I pretend I am in a sad music video, staring longly out the window.

This spot has a different, more meaningful sadness, of loss and reconnection. Although shown through a forgotten teddy, aka Brian the Bear, being reunited with his owner, the TVC’s focus is on connecting all types of Kiwis together.

Special Group was appointed as InterCity’s agency mid last year, and this campaign is a heartfelt look into what that relationship will most likely continue to produce.

Gary McCreadie, Special Group executive creative director, says “InterCity journeys are part of the fabric of New Zealand, and visiting loved ones is filled with emotion. We wanted to get that across in a really heartwarming way.”

Daniel Rode, general manager digital and brand for Entrada Travel Group, the parent company of InterCity says, “InterCity has been bringing Kiwis together over 30 years – travelling to 600 destinations around the country. This new campaign brings to life the role we play in connecting people and places, and does it in a really touching and memorable way.”

Client: Daniel Rode, general manager digital and brand, Entrada Travel Group

Agency: Special Group

Director: Lachlan Dickie, Rabbit Content

Media: OMD

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