In the news: Contagion brings BusinessDesk to life

Indi agency Contagion have announced a new partnership with independent news service BusinessDesk.

New Zealand’s newest independent business, economic and analysis news platform launched the campaign ‘Follow the Money’ in Auckland this week. Much like BusinessDesk the Contagion-conceived campaign is bold and pulled together with outdoor, digital, social and other hard to miss activation.

Creating homegrown success stories is something the team at Contagion does well under the leadership of Bridget and Dean Taylor. An already well-respected and trusted brand, the ‘Follow the Money’ campaign for BusinessDesk was easy to conceive says Bridget.

“Intelligent, trusted news sources are more valuable than ever. While most news is just not that smart, or independent anymore, BusinessDesk is. The campaign almost wrote itself, as the purpose and focus of BusinessDesk is so clear,” explains Bridget. Although, she does admit having to be very careful about where to put apostrophes!

The campaign packs a punch with strong, thought-provoking headlines clearly targeted at key areas of business.

“Trustworthy news sources are more important than ever. The news needs to be reported by people who will state the facts and not be biased. We partnered with Contagion because they share our values and drive,” says publisher Matt Martel.

The campaign was launched in the form of a debate held at Auckland’s ANZ headquarters. Finance Minister, Grant Robertson, and Opposition finance spokesman, Paul Goldsmith, took part in an “ask me anything” style conversation moderated by Chief Executive Pattrick Smellie and Brian Gaynor. Gaynor is non-executive chairman of BusinessDesk owner Content Ltd, and a co-founder of Milford Asset Management.


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