Special Group launches new international work following account win

Just before Lockdown Special Group pitched for, and won, a seat at the table of Australian owned telecommunications company, Optus. Now, the local agency has shown how it can lead a behemoth of an international brand into the future, all the way from our vantage point at the beginning of the world.

Following an international call out for pitches in March, rumoured to be two incumbent agencies, Uncommon in the bustling heart of London and Special Group, our local agency nestled in the CBD were the top picks for Optus.

Optus, who has more clients than Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees put together, tasked Special Group with a major brand refresh. Which lead the group to say yes, or more so, lead the group to create a new yes.

‘It starts with yes’ is the new campaign which explores the idea that all things in life, no matter good or bad, start with saying yes.

“The Optus ‘yes’ is one of Australia’s most recognisable brandmarks, second only to the Qantas kangaroo. They’ve been using it for almost 30 years. We wanted to bring a little bit of new meaning to it, by exploring what saying ‘yes’ can lead to.” says Special Group CEO / CCO Tony Bradbourne.

“I’m very proud that Special’s working with Optus. They are a great company with great ambition.”

“‘It starts with yes’ is a fantastic platform that will enable us to celebrate an attitude that connects with Australia for years to come.” Says Special Group head of strategy, Rory Gallery.

Matt Williams, managing director of marketing & revenue said the campaign is a great embodiment of what ‘yes’ represents for the future.

“At Optus, we are driven by a deep sense of optimism and a real want to make Australia a better place. With better value plans, brilliant coverage but also with great initiatives… The TVC is part of a larger program of work aimed at clearly defining what ‘yes’ means for our customers, underpinned by clear and compelling reasons to choose us.”

The launch film, directed by Christopher Riggert through Finch, focuses on an apartment of kids all doing their bit to create something great. Something that started with someone saying ‘yes’.

It’s the start of a nationwide campaign, featuring a range of stories capturing what it means to have a ‘yes’ mindset will be shared – using film, posters, publishers, broadcasters and social platforms across the country.  

Campaign Credits: 
Client: Optus 
Agency: Special Group New Zealand 

CEO/CCO: Tony Bradbourne

Managing Partner: Michael Redwood

Head of Strategy: Rory Gallery

Group Creative Director: Matt Simpkins

ECD: Lisa Fedyszyn

ECD: Jonathan McMahon

Senior Producer: Sally Lankshear

Producer: Emma Cutfield

Group Business Director: Hugo Parcell

Business Director: Nick O’Donnell

Business Manager: Hannah Ross

Production Company: Finch 
Director: Christopher Riggert 

Media Agency: UM Sydney

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