Special Group collaborates with Patrick McAteer to create Nimble

When StopPress sits and talks with agencies about their approach to working in the evolving digital media landscape, “nimble” is a word that’s often used.

Now, Special Group has taken the descriptor for the name of its new production company, that’s been created with the help of executive producer Patrick McAteer.

Described by Special Group as a talent aggregator, the plan is for Nimble to access the best talent, no matter where it is, rather than being limited to the talent under one single production company roof.

It will create everything from social content, digital concepts, commercial productions through to television and streamed series.

Production for the digital age. from Nimble Productions on Vimeo.

Executive creative director and founder of Special Group Tony Bradbourne says the types of jobs and ideas the industry is creating are constantly changing to meet the growing number of channels brands now execute in and this new model production company is designed for the digital era.

“The name Nimble says it all,” he says.

“We set out to create the perfect platform to produce engaging social, innovative digital and mobile concepts as well as the most high-end commercials – all whilst delivering more production flexibility. It’s about making impossible seem easy.”

McAteer, who has previously been CEO of Australasian VFX company Oktober and general manager of Film Construction, adds Nimble has been structured to have flexibility at its heart, allowing it to create across all formats.

McAteer is joined by executive producer Nic Craig and drawing on their combined experience, Nimble will be able to tap into a wide pool of talent to create the right team for any given job.

Nimble shares the same Drake Street building as Propellerhead, Special and print production company Producer, but is a separate and independent company from Special Group.

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