The sound of music—and inter-agency banter—is back with BOTAB

Music is a powerful force in advertising. Jingles are thought to be the leading cause of ‘song rash’ among New Zealanders, choosing the right backing track can sometimes mean the difference between ‘meh’ and magnificent , and, due to the creative proclivities of those working in this industry, many of those who inhabit it are annoyingly talented musicians. And the advertising event that many jokingly (or, in some cases, not-so-jokingly) refer to as the year’s most important is back for 2012. So let the inter-agency banter for the Battle of the Ad Bands commence. 

There’s no work talk, no international judges, no entry video and no clients. Just pure, unbridled musical joy. And it’s all scheduled to take place on 13 September at The Kings Arms in Auckland. 

Bands will perform one original, one cover and the dreaded wildcard, which this year will be a classic movie theme (last year’s wildcard was jingles and there were some absolute stunners, with OMD’s The Chased and ‘Bluebird’s the Word’, Barnes, Catmur & Friends’ Friends Electric and ‘Skyline Garages’, Ogilvy’s The Hathaways and ‘Tux keeps ’em full of life’ and Flying Fish’s ‘The Foul Hooks’ bravura rendition of Auckland Glass). And due to popular demand, this year small agencies with less than 20 employees can band together to try and wrest the title away from TBWA\, which has won it two years in a row

So put your money ($250) where you mouth is and register now at www.botab.co.nz.

Join facebook.com/BattleoftheAdBands for updates and bow your head and give praise to Rory Dunleavy and Andrew Younge of the Media Design School for this year’s creative and the generous sponsors who make it all happen: CAANZ & Flying Fish, Audi, StopPress & NZ Marketing Magazine, Hauraki, Marsden Inch Recruitment, Liquid Studios, Native Tongue, Envy Studios, Direct Mail Solutions & Much Moore Ice Cream.

Once again, the winning band gets to have its wicked way with a new Audi for a month. Might we suggest channelling the rock spirit by driving it out of a hotel window into the pool. 

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