Sorted closes the financial loop, aims to reduce ‘fritter factor’

Sorted’s ‘Think, Shrink and Grow’ money management
, which was intended to up the engagement and become the financial equivalent of ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’, kicked off in March last year. And now the circle is complete, with the last phase of the campaign showing its animated spokesmouse encouraging Kiwis to ‘grow’ their money.


 “We started with ‘think’, with the mouse
encouraging people to make a plan for their money,” says Anna Griffiths, marketing communications manager for the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income. “From mid last year he
encouraged Kiwis to get shrink their dumb debt. Now he’s focusing on getting
New Zealanders to start a regular savings habit and grow their money.”

In a world driven by consumption and fuelled by credit, promoting saving is a tough sell. But in the new TVC, via GSL Network, 8com and Yukfoo, the astute rodent hangs out on a Vespa in a scooter shop and waits while a man saves
up his money to buy the object of his desire. As the seasons change, the man revisits the shop
admiring the scooter through the window while his savings grow.

Outdoor advertising in
bus shelters, bus backs and online ads, featuring images of the mouse riding a
piggybank that is racing ahead, supports the TV campaign.

“We all fritter a few
dollars away here and there and it can quickly add up to a good proportion of
your pay packet,” Griffiths says. “We’re suggesting Kiwis save that money. It’s okay to start small, even just a few dollars saved regularly will help you develop a savings
habit. We want Kiwis to set and
forget their savings. An automatic payment straight into a savings account not
only makes it easy to save, but we think this is a great way to create a
lasting habit that will help Kiwis get sorted. There’s something
very rewarding about setting a goal and saving to achieve it.”



Client:  Anna Griffiths, Marketing Communications

Agency:  GSL Network

Direction:  Leigh Graham, Carmen
Sellwood, Pip Sloan

Creative: Ken Double, John Fisher

Producer:  Mary Wall

Company:  8com

Director:  Luke Shanahan

Producer:  Katie Millington

Animation:  Yukfoo

Dickson, Theo Veltman

Editor:  Tim Mauger

composition:  Plan 9 Music

Design:  Stephen Cicala, Jason Bowden

animation/retouching:  Dave Partridge,
Andy Salisbury, Andrew Martis    

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