Something big is coming to Te Papa, with the help of EightyOne and MBM

A campaign depicting the scale of the museum’s next exhibition aims to truly make it one of its biggest ever.

This summer, the 30-metre-long dinosaur Patagotitan mayorum will be the centrepiece of Te Papa’s blockbuster Ngā Taniwha o Rūpapa | Dinosaurs of Patagonia, a touring exhibition from Argentina’s Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio.

Patagotitan is big in every sense of the word. Not simply one of the biggest dinosaurs ever known, with a 2.4-metre-long femur weighing in at half a ton, its discovery in 2014 also challenges what we thought we knew about dinosaurs and their evolution. No wonder David Attenborough called it “one of the most extraordinary finds in the history of palaeontology”.

To pique curiosity of dino-fans big and small, large-format and sequential outdoor sites across Aotearoa show parts of Patagotitan’s skeleton at 1:1 scale, evoking the wow-factor of this mind-blowing creature.

Bridgette Yates, Te Papa Marketing Manager says “We are thrilled with this clever campaign that truly brings to life the concept of pre-historic scale in an original and inspirational way. By embedding the media into the creative idea, the campaign provides actual-size proof in our streets of the true scale and awe of this incredible, thought-provoking, interactive exhibition.”

Chris Bleackley, EightyOne ECD says “This South American giant was once a Gondwana resident, so we’re looking forward to giving it a great big New Zealand welcome. Another massive opportunity to work with the team at Te Papa and MBM”.

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