Someone who needs no introduction…Mr Fredrik Bond!

Off the back of the news that Flying Fish is representing renowned director Fredrik Bond for work across New Zealand and Australia, StopPress chatted to the production company about Fredrik’s unique style offering and what we can expect from his latest work. 

We then talked to the man himself, who shared his not-so-secret love of ice baths, and told us what it’s like to work with the likes of Kevin Hart and Jason Statham. 


What makes Fredrik Bond stand out from the rest?

Aside from his steely blue eyes and his twice daily ice baths?

Fredrik was a born storyteller and has a very unique aesthetic. When he sent us his full archive of hundreds of campaigns, it took the best part of the day to go through and was very difficult to short list. We’ve lost count of how many super bowl commercials he has directed. He’s amassed a truck load of awards and continues to break the mould in the creative industry. 

Fredrik is one of the highest calibre directors globally and having him on the Fish roster for Australasia is bloody superb for us. Fredrik encapsulates everything we stand for in the Antipodean advertising industry – constantly pushing boundaries, and executing the unashamedly finest quality of work. 

What will his unique style offer clients and agencies across Australasia?

Fredrik is one energised, creative, collaborative and hard inspired director, and his approach to his huge breadth of work is a testament and result of this. He’s always had a penchant for ads and was obsessed with advertising from an early age. With no commercials on Swedish TV they were something of a rarity to him, and rather unique and special, which he elicits in his work today. Fredrik has always been fascinated by how efficiently you can tell a story and pack so much into a short-film format. When he works, he likes to have one challenge that’s hard to accomplish and try to nail it. Fredrik was the only director who managed to get Jason Statham to make a musical dance number and have his face be puppeteered for LG’s “World of Play,” campaign. Suffice to say, he nails it every time.

With his unique style, he offers a global perspective on execution and buckets loads of experience.

People often ask what sort of genrè Fredrik is interested in, and we’re not sure there is one where he isn’t. 

What can we expect from his latest remote work in the Antipodes?

We have had the joy of working with Fredrik for many years in some capacity either here in New Zealand, Australia and just a few weeks ago remotely.

Campaigns such as Actimel  /  Danone and most recently United Way. And not forgetting adidas – Lomu – his first major campaign that we shot with Fredrik in New Zealand. We think this is where his true love for New Zealand really began.

The projects we are currently working on with Fredrik are next level and well, you’ll just have to wait and see…

With current border restrictions and limited travel, how has Flying Fish adapted to the changes and challenges of 2020?

We have welcomed remote shooting with open arms and have loved every second of the challenge. 

Having worked on six international campaigns remotely this year and very successfully, it quickly became the new way of working with our global partners. Of course we would love nothing more than to have Fredrik here in New Zealand with our creatives and clients, but there have been no limitations to what we can achieve remotely. To be able to still offer him up to clients has been pretty bloody exciting. Working through the technology has actually been seamless. The time zone thing can be niggly for our o/s partners but it means more craft services are left over, and ice.

What is Flying Fish most excited about when it comes to representing Fredrik? 

Ice baths and his accent.

Seriously though – we think it’s fairly obvious how pumped we are to be representing and working with such an incredible innovator like Fredrik.


What do you believe makes you stand out from the rest? 

I hope that I care more than anybody else. I get really passionate about my projects, I’ve been doing this for a really long time and I still feel really passionate about it. So hopefully people think I’m more passionate than the rest (but not in a crazy way!)

You’ve worked with some pretty incredible actors. Who stands out to you as really exceptional talent? 

All of them, really. Kevin Hart and Jason Statham are very hard working people, that’s what separates them from other people. It’s been a privilege to work with incredible talent, they’re very dedicated to their craft and that’s what I love about them. 

What will your unique style offer clients and agencies across Australasia? 

I think it will be my different perspective of your culture. I love to help create memorable campaigns and there is some great activity coming out of Australia and New Zealand. I think there is a little less restraint than some of the bigger brands in the rest of the world because it’s a smaller market, so similar to what I’ve experienced in Sweden, the campaigns can be a little more edgy and creative. I’m just really excited to look at projects out of New Zealand and Australia, I can’t wait. 

What can we expect from your latest remote work? 

Some good heartfelt moments and hopefully a little bit of humour, and hopefully something that connects with people. 

With current border restrictions and limited travel, how have you adapted to the changes and challenges of 2020? 

A lot of remote productions – there is definitely less chance of getting the virus that way so that’s great, and it’s for the good. I’m excited about the creativity that is going to come out of this pandemic throughout the next year. This pandemic has been super sad, but I think creatively it could potentially be good for businesses, it could be great actually. 

We hear you love ice baths?

Yes I love my cold baths, that’s why I love New Zealand. Cold water is my favourite. A lot of the time I like to get the ice myself. It’s an adventure to find the ice and to make sure that the [hotel]staff are okay with me carrying up my bags of ice [to my room], so it’s always an adventure to do that. 

What do you love about Flying Fish? 

I just love the team there, they’re amazing. We’ve been working together for many years and I’m super excited about continuing to work with them – it’s going to be fun.

For more, check out flyingfish.co.nz/fredrik-bond/

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