SodaStream calls in Game of Thrones to shame plastic bottle users

The three-minute video follows a Game of Thrones set assistant as he is followed by the character Unella who rings a bell and calls “shame” while he buys bottles of sparkling water. On his way back to set, Unella is joined by people on the street who all stop to stare and yell “shame”.

It’s not until the assistant returns that the audience learns the reason for the shaming—the sparkling water is in plastic bottles and as Mr Mountain, aka The Mountain, explains to him, that hurts Mother Earth.

“Mother Earth has given us so much, the birds, the bees, the ocean, Matthew McConaughey, peanuts. Why would you destroy all these beautiful creations?,” Mountain asks, before going on to explain how SodaStream allows customers to make sparkling water from home without plastic bottles and “pissing off Mother Earth”.

The scene replicates a moment in Game of Thrones season five when the character Cersei Lannister is forced to do the walk of the shame in the nude while Unella rings a bell behind her.

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