Socially savvy: Bloggersclub launches a new arm–UPDATED

This week Bloggersclub.com launched a temp division for social media management called Social Media Mentors aimed to give brands that “extra pair of hands” needed to voice themselves, and though its only early days, there has been plenty of interest so far.

Social influence agency Bloggersclub announced the launch of its new service on Tuesday. An announcement release on its website says Social Media Mentors is a marketing extension without the risks, overheads or management requirements that go with an employee.

“As brands get savvier and their social appetites increase, our offering has extended beyond “campaign” level activity and into temporary and permanent staffing for brand communities,” the release says. “Engagement is the ‘secret sauce’ to online success and a recipe that bloggers are familiar with. We can teach others how to achieve the same success by mentoring them through the process and providing additional support in a full or part time capacity. This specialist contract support can be easily added into your existing team with no fixed minimum period of time – be it direct or via any existing agency relationship.”

(UPDATE) Bloggersclub general manager Rochelle Shaw told StopPress the reason for offering the service: “We receive many requests from brands and agencies for recommendations on resource that they can access to help on social media day to day tasks – from holiday period cover to bridging personnel changeovers, through to growing out new brands or increased activity over launched periods. There’s definitely an appetite from brands to bring this type of work in house, it means they can truly streamline it alongside their other customer service channels. They can pick up our resource to have in-house as and when required.”

Bloggersclub’s product offering to date has been central to content creation and distribution with influencers, Shaw says. “However, we realised that these people have exceptional community management talents and the opportunity for them to extend this into helping others, was a natural extension. Content creation and distribution has an entirely different cost structure, dependent on many factors, and is bespoke. However, temp placement works just like you would temp any other role, except it is for a specialist area. Costs start from $49 an hour and go up depending on varying factors such as 24/7 monitoring [and] public holidays.”

She says the service is suited to any kind of company that has or wants a social media presence, big or small. “We’ll match the brand to the blogger to fit the personality requirements to ensure the tone of voice is the right fit.”

Since the launch Shaw says Bloggersclub has already had 135 enquiries about the service. “[This] was from reaching out to our current client base, just goes to show that there’s a nice gap there.”

The release says the Social Media Mentors are managed by some of the best and most experienced social experts in the industry and regularly brought together for additional training. “Brands need not worry too much about changing ‘best practices’ and rules, the team are abreast of and know how to deal with some of the most tricky social media challenges.”

Growing a social community as a customer service channel, insight generator and brand engagement platform is a pretty standard requirement for companies today, the release says. “It’s a smart avenue to build genuine customer relationships. However, finding the right talent to manage the day to day tasks can be challenging.”

“The advantage of using bloggers in this space is they have wonderfully natural voices and a proven affinity with online audiences. They’re digital natives and are genuinely passionate about creating authentic communities and customer engagement,” the release says.

New Zealand has some of the most genuinely engaged online talent in the world, the release says. “Bloggers who have grown audiences with no budget, simply off the power of their own savvy and personality. Take Aimee Young from My Beloved Style who gained 30,000 new Instagram followers in a week. Or nzgirl who grew their Facebook audience by 68 percent in six months without any media spend. Or High Tea with Dragons who, by the power of community, made her Pineapple Lump recipe world famous and reached millions of people and had over 22,000 ‘shares’.”

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