Social media: all talk, no action?

Social media is certainly all the rage at the moment, but while most in marcomms land seems to be talking about it, not too many Kiwi businesses appear to be following up on all that chatter, if the results from the CAANZ Digital Leadership Group (DLG) survey from December 2009 are anything to go by. 

The online survey of 166 New Zealand businesses and marketing professionals by the DLG and Nielsen showed their attitudes towards and involvement in social media marketing. And the results confirmed the need for a greater focus on social media. See the results for yourself and download the DLG Social Media Survey Report.

In response to the demand for more knowledge in this realm, the DLG have organised a forum featuring local and international speakers who will share their insights on harnessing the commercial power of social media. The first event on Thursday is sold out, and while no other events have been scheduled yet, the DLG hopes to arrange another speaker event later this year with Dell’s Andy Lark, who was unable to attend the event on Thursday.

If you work in a business in New Zealand and would like to take part in the next social media survey in this series please email [email protected] We will hold your email address and use it to send you a link to that survey.

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