Sneaky BOTAB skullduggery revealed, as Marsden Inch gives generously to rock gods

It’s hard to get advertisers and journalists to lie. Just kidding. It’s the easiest thing in the world. Hell, it’s pretty much what you all get paid to do. So what better way to drum up excitement for the CAANZ Battle of the Ad Bands than with completely fabricated news.   

In an effort to create some healthy discussion about the always competitive event, the TBWA\ creative team of Tara McKenty and Iain Nealie, along with CAANZ and Flying Fish, managed to convinced the trade press and a few advertising big wigs from around Auckland to play along with the gag and announce a string of suspiciously well-timed hires.

Dave Gibson joined Draft, the Kids of 88 joined BC&F, P-Money joined TBWA\ and Bob Kerrigan joined Flying Fish. Turns out it’s all lies. Damned lies! As Mother always said, never trust a journalist. Or anyone in advertising. Or people with thin lips.

Meanwhile, BOTAB sponsor Marsden Inch is also coming to the party on Thursday. It’s providing two lucky punters with their own $500 bar tab, drawn from business cards dropped in a ukulele at the front door, and it is also sponsoring the naming of the 2011 Marsden Inch Super Group, which consists of the best individual players picked from each of the bands, as judged by the panel of experts on the night.


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