A smarter way to sleep

It seems like almost everything is becoming ‘smart’ these days, or is at least in someway linked to the digital realm: smart phones, smart televisions, smart coffee machines, Google Glass, the Microsoft HoloLens, we could go on. And now Luna has found a way to bring the digital into the bedroom, with a prototype of the world’s very first smart bed.

The product isn’t a smart bed per se, it’s more like a ridiculously advanced undersheet/electric blanket that tracks your sleeping patterns, can be controlled by your smart phone and can link up with other ‘smart’ devices in the home: “Out of the box, Luna will integrate with smart thermostats, door locks, light bulbs, and more.”

It learns your regular bedtime and sets your bed to a comfortable temperature so you can fall asleep faster. It also measures your heart rate and breathing rate and has a built in smart alarm, which is supposed to wake you during your ‘light’ sleep period.

As said in a video advertisement Luna featured on its website: “Luna combines all this knowledge about your night with info from your day gathered from other sources, like how much exercise you got and how much you ate. It uses those insights to recommend what works best while you’re asleep.”

The developers behind Luna began crowd-funding on indiegogo this year in January, with a goal of $100,000, however they have now raised over $600,000 through pre-orders with 15 more days left and the product will be ready to ship in August.

Next thing you know there’ll be smart coffee mugs … oh wait, they already have those

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