Simon says eat free: Better Burger gives a free feed to Simons

Kiwi burger chain Better Burger is celebrating all things Simon on 11 July, by giving away free cheeseburgers to any customers with the name Simon on their IDs.

The ‘free Simon’ promo is in honour of West Auckland customer Simon Holbrook, who ‘hacked’ the menu with his own specialty burger: five meat patties, five slices of cheese, pickles and no bun. The meat and cheese monstrosity became affectionately known by staff as ‘The Simon’ and to celebrate the original Simon’s stunning piece of Kiwi ingenuity, ‘The Simon’ is now part of Better Burger’s secret menu.

The promotion is all-Simon-inclusive and extends to people with the names Simone, Saimone (Tongan), Simona (Samoan), and the Māori names Haimona, Himiona and Taimona. It also includes Simon-related middle names.

Anybody lucky enough to have Simon in their names can score a free cheeseburger tomorrow at any of Better Burger’s four Auckland locations – and those feeling in the mood for a low-carb (like the original Simon) option can swap out the bun for fresh lettuce wraps.

The initiative is similar to one by Uber last year, which saw the ride-share company give riders with a name that starts with ‘Sam’ a free ride in July last year.

To help it promote it, Uber put two ‘Sambassadors’—All Blacks Sam Cane and Sam Whitelock—in the back of an Uber and filmed them exchanging Sam-themed food.

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