Show your wine-related punmanship, win some arty wine

Some wine is good. Some art is also good. So why not combine forces for a new wine, thought a wine company and an artist. The result was the seemingly socialist booze that goes by the name of The People’s Wine. And we’ve got heaps of it, in two different colours, to give away.

You can read all about The People’s Wine and how the whole shebang with Constellation and Martin Poppelwell came about here. But you don’t care about that, do you? You just want some free stuff. Fair enough, but, as per usual, we require some input from our educated and talented readers before we’ll dish that free stuff out.

StopPress is diversifying and launching our own brand of wine, simply because there just isn’t enough of it out there at the moment. So, furnish us with a ridiculous name for our new brand of wine (or send us a ridiculous one that already exists) and we’ll send the best five efforts a case of six bottles from The People’s Wine range. Extra points given for terrible puns. And here’s a few to get the creative juices fermenting.

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