Shine searches for agency to do impactful, creative pro bono work

Specialist domestic violence prevention charity Shine is looking for a “strategic, creative and values-aligned” agency to help with its annual fundraising campaign ‘Light It Orange’.

‘Light it Orange’ has been running for the past few years as a week-long fundraising event, with support from celebrities such as comedian Guy Williams.

However, Holly Carrington, Shine’s marketing and communications manager, says it is getting more challenging to get cut through, and fundraising is falling short of hopes and expectations.

“We are looking for a creative agency willing to look at ‘Light it Orange’ from a strategic perspective, and help us develop a campaign that delivers for Shine.”

She says it is a great opportunity, working with a fantastic team of smart, friendly and dedicated people, to make a real difference to one of New Zealand’s most challenging issues.

“Given the team is willing to consider new thinking and creative executions, this is a rare chance to do some impactful, creative work that changes perceptions and potentially saves lives.”

Pro bono work is nothing new in the industry and just last month, the goodwill of local agencies and media companies was seen in a ‘Never too Young’ campaign for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Featuring eight people all at various stages of having had or currently living with bowel cancer, the campaign was the brainchild of Chelsea Halliwell, a survivor of bowel cancer and marketing, communications and strategy specialist at Resolve Communications.

To bring the campaign to life, Halliwell received support from over 20 agencies and media companies, who offered up creative and media space.

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