She’s a mob

Some would argue that when complainers fall into the trap of reacting to a purposefully provocative campaign (ginger loverswine snobs, conservative religious types etc), they only help inspire more purposefully provocative campaigns. And a similar rule could apply to flash mobs, because the more often they’re featured, the more someone, somewhere, might think they’re a good idea. Ah well, too bad. Here’s a clip of over 500 people from the Harvey World Travel conference violating Sky City and dancing to terrible music. 


Here’s the release: 

Over 500 Harvey World Travel delegates and suppliers broke into dance at The Atrium in SKYCITY Hotel, Auckland, on Saturday [4 August] night. The delegates were gathered to attend this year’s Harvey World Travel National Frontliners Conference 2012, but had also secretly learned a dance routine.

David Rivers, Managing Director of Harvey World Travel, says the flash mob marked the first occasion in which Harvey World Travel delegates from Australia and New Zealand had come together as a single group.

“This year’s National Frontliners Conference invited everyone in the company to ‘Challenge Yourself,’ and with so many of our agents and suppliers in one place at one time, we felt it was necessary to do something courageous and memorable,” says Rivers. ”Having hundreds of Harvey World Travel representatives break into dance wasn’t just fun but incredibly inspiring for me. It’s hard not to smile when you’re dancing and as everyone, including myself, got into the groove, we had a great time! I don’t think the staff and visitors at SKYCITY had seen anything like it.”

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