Sexual wellness site Nak-Ed and Stuff partner up

Modern sexual wellness magazine Nak-Ed and Stuff.co.nz have officially launched a content partnership. The pairing will see Nak-Ed content published on the Stuff website.

Launched in August 2020, Nak-Ed.co.nz is New Zealand first online publication dedicated to covering topics in the sex, sexual wellness and mental health space.

The move heralds a new wider conversation that aims to lower the walls surrounding previously taboo subjects.

Stuff has recognised the shift in attitudes around topics within the space, and has welcomed the opportunity to work with Nak-ed to widen the conversation to a new audience.

Founder and Editor of Nak-Ed Courtney Devereux, says that the partnership is an important step for the site’s growth.

“I’m incredibly proud that one of our nation’s most respected platforms is taking charge at removing some of the stigma that surrounds these topics. It’s only through the sharing of voice will we be able to provide education, information and support to those looking to know more about sex, sexual wellness and mental health.”

Stuff’s Editor-in-chief for verticals, Geoff Collett, says that the media company is pleased to have the opportunity to work with Nak-Ed.

“Courtney has shown admirable vision and determination to launch her site and help move the discussion to a respectful, intelligent space. We’re delighted to be able to share that to our audience, and we’ll also apply care and respect in doing so.”

Nak-Ed covers topics that until now, have been considered taboo. Yet as audiences across the site continue to grow, it is clear the hunger for this content is only growing. Now through this partnership, more Kiwis will have access to information in a setting they never had before.

The Stuff x Nak-Ed partnership will begin mid-November.

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