Sensory and innovation agency Futurescape rebrands

Leading provider of product sensory evaluation research in New Zealand and Australia, IMAGINE RESEARCH – previously Futurescape – has been rebranded. 

Poet and painter William Blake’s quote “what is now proven, was once only imagined” speaks to the heart of sensory and innovation research. Ideas (imagined) are generated and entrusted to the validated approaches of an award-winning research team (proven). 

Out of this IMAGINE RESEARCH was born – a Takapuna-based team of highly experienced FMCG and NPD research specialists with a unique understanding of clients, consumers and concept evolution.

General Manager at IMAGINE RESEARCH, Christine O’Sullivan, says: “We took the time to evaluate how sensory and innovation research is typically done and asked – ‘how can we better help our clients to make smart and informed decisions?’

“For example, we all know that purchase interest is a poor predictor of future success, but it is still the go to success measure in innovation research. The question is, how can we complement this with newly proven theories and data collection techniques?”

Head of Research Innovation, Paul Epplett, says: “Christine has wrapped her client-side expertise around our holistic view of consumer decision making to give a stronger commercial focus to our tools.

“The name IMAGINE RESEARCH better reflects the values of inspiration and creativity, supported by critical thinking that all research should strive for.”

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