The Selective connects businesses with creative types

A group of independent creatives have been invited to join The Selective, a newly launched service launched offering creative and marketing support to managers and agencies.

Founder Emma Clarke says The Selective’s advantage is clients don’t take the risk of working with inexperienced contractors because while running her own marketing consultancy, she filtered out the best in class.

“Over the last six years I’ve engaged over 60 local freelancers on projects. Some have been good, and some have been really good, and it’s the really good I have handpicked to join The Selective. Most have at least a decade’s relevant experience working directly with clients on successful campaigns, and all run their own businesses,” says Clarke.

The wide range of disciplines on offer is growing, with graphic designers, brand experts, PR consultants, copywriters, social media strategists, web developers, video producers and directors, trade show marketers, SEO and SEM specialists, and commercial photographers forming the current group.

“Our experts are all doing stellar work with their own clients, and now they’ve got me to help them find and convert new business leads,” she adds.

Experts pay an annual subscription to The Selective and the business model supports them to recommend the services of each other. They can work individually or collaboratively for clients.

Clarke believes SMEs, marketing managers and agencies will benefit from engaging The Selective when they need specialist resources, removing inefficiencies, reducing costs and giving clients complete control with the ability to turn the tap off and on as required. “Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen more and more people asking for a specific thing (whether it’s a website, a newsletter, etc). The Selective came about for this short term tactical campaigns,” says the founder.

“We can work alongside or under the direction of larger agencies if clients already have these relationships in place.  And because our creatives are independent, we are competitive, and this cost efficiency is really attractive to clients.”

The Selective opened for business this month and has signed off the first project with wine retailer La Barrique. There are already a number of other projects in the pipeline.

“In these first weeks we’ve been to meet with over 20 agencies and businesses to say hi, we are The Selective, we are creative and marketing experts with a proven track record, and whenever you need an extra pair of hands, you can choose what you want from us, when you need it,” says Clarke.

The team is currently made up of nine people (creative and marketing types) but Clarke is about to bring a copywriter on board and expects to have 11 people by the end of the month and 15 by the end of the year. 

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