Scandinavia in the south: design conference aims to crack the Norse Code

Those Nordic countries are all the rage at the moment, what with their foodfurniture, literaturesocial policies, architecture, vehicles (or, more particularly, ads for vehicles), expensive stereos and diversified economies. And New Zealand business folk will be able to get a taste of the region’s rich design pedigree with Norse Code, a full day event that features five of the biggest names in Scandinavian design

As the promo material says: 

Scandinavia is a region with many similarities to New Zealand. It is also an area of the world that has learnt to use its remoteness as a business advantage. Great design has become part of the culture in Scandinavia; It is understood, appreciated, and expected. Norse Code will help build on New Zealand business leaders’ existing appreciation of design to ensure it is continually viewed as a vital prerequisite to successfully competing globally … This is an opportunity to compare notes with a culture that has embraced design in such a way that it is now embedded in its business practices and ingrained in the national psyche.

This short film by Gorg Jenson shows the calibre of the region’s design. 

The event, which is being put together by the New Zealand Scandinavian Business Association and BRR, is sponsored by Volvo and is similar in format to the Better by Design summit, will take place at the Auckland Business School on Saturday March 15 and, in addition to the main presentations, there will also be round tables of ten designed to promote discussion and a ten-minute Q & A with each speaker conducted by Brian Richards. 

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​StopPress has one pass valued at $195 to give away. So to win it, add a comment letting us know which aspect of Nordic (nerdy fact: the Nordic countries are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, whereas the Scandinavian countries are Denmark, Sweden and Norway) culture you’d like to see more of in New Zealand. Bring on the reindeer herding we say. 

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