Satellite Media puts lunchbox in the fridge

For parents, back to school is a time of forking out for stationery while also reclaiming their daytime lives. But a new addition to the Little Fridge augmented reality app means it’s also a chance for parents and kids to get smart about their diets.

Auckland’s Satellite Media has rolled out the first in a series of additions to the free iOS and Android app, developed last year for Fonterra Brands and Foodstuffs in a campaign that worked with BelowTheLine.

The app was made alongside the New World Little Shop promotion which produced miniature collectables of real branded products.

The app let shoppers scan in store tokens to fill an animated fridge with Fonterra-branded products, engaging shoppers in virtual treasure hunts and a stand where the could virtually photobomb the Anchor cow.

The Lunchbox uses gamification to create an educational tool. “It’s partly for the mum or dad or carer or whoever does the shopping, and it’s partly for the kids to start to educate them on how to put together a well rounded lunchbox,” says Satellite Media general manager Nikki Streater.

Kids choose one of five characters to help make choices of what to add to the lunchbox, where items are dragged and dropped to activate the character. The items are then used in a shopping list with users sent reminders of what to buy.

The Lunchbox is the first of several planned additions designed to keep the app in use, says Streater.

“For those people who have tons and tons of apps on their phone, you’ve got to keep on using them and being reminded of why they’re useful. “The ones you use all the time are the ones that are really functional.”

The company didn’t reveal what the other additions would be, but added they’d integrate with other retail activity by Fonterra.

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