Samsung takes another chunk out of Apple acolytes

You may have seen Samsung’s feisty print ad dissing the features of the soon-to-launch iPhone 5. Now Samsung has launched a TVC in the US that once again takes aim at the lemming-like Apple fans by trying to show that the tech company du jour is, in fact, a bit behind the eight ball and its products—block your ears Apple lovers—are so mainstream they’re even popular with parents. 


Samsung has made a habit of attacking its larger rival, or, more specifically, the people who buy in to the cult, and aside from a pesky patent infringement fine (contrary to the belief of stupid people, it wasn’t paid in shrapnel), it seems to be paying off, with sales of the Samsung Galaxy hitting 20 million in the 100 days after launch. Still, “hardware geeks throwing rocks at Apple” doesn’t appear to have had a huge impact on the target, because there were more than two million orders for the iPhone 5 in the 24 hours after it began pre-sales online on September 14, breaking the previous record held by iPhone 4S. And 250 million units are expected to be sold once it’s launched.


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