Samsung sends shivers down spines with Paralympics campaign

Despite the fact that Samsung has morphed from a relatively small player in the consumer electronics market into a globally respected brand in ultra quick time, it isn’t really renowned for the quality of its advertising and, in many cases, there’s a whiff of naffness about a lot of it. But as part of its Olympics sponsorship and to market the opening of the Paralympics, it’s released a pretty amazing new campaign called ‘Sport doesn’t care who you are’—and it’s right up there in the spine-tingling stakes with Channel 4’s ‘Meet the Superhumans‘.   



The campaign was created by 72&Sunny Amsterdam and shot by Smuggler director Henry-Alex Rubin, who also directed the impressive wheelchair rugby doco Murderball

And in local Samsung news, the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet was launched in New Zealand yesterday and, like the Samsung Galaxy Note ‘phablet’ (if you love massive phones, then you’ll love this photoshoot), the 10.1 inch screen is equipped with some impressive artistic artillery. Six well-known fashion designers are trialling the tablet during NZ Fashion Week, which will have its own blog www.nzfashionfiles.co.nz for the first time.  

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