Samsung rewrites what you can’t do

Samsung’s new ‘Human Nature’ campaign pulls on the motivation strings of viewers, sharing the philosophy that ‘we are born to do what can’t be done’.

The campaign video presents scenes of people from all walks of life overcoming the adversity that comes with daily life as characters in the advertisement are subject to the word ‘can’t’ when trying to chase their ambitions.

Samsung finishes the piece with the scene of a paraplegic woman who utilises virtual reality to help her walk again before the campaign prompts viewers to ‘Do what you can’t’.

It is not the first of Samsung’s ‘Do What You Can’t’ advertisements, with a previous ad in March 2017.

The advertisement presented an ostrich who snaffled a Samsung VR/AR headset and pursued its quest for flight. The campaign successfully utilized the hashtag ‘#DoWhatYouCant’ which was promoted widely on social media.

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