Samsung goes bold, and slow, to promote new smartphone-UPDATED

Update: After the Samsung S9 launch, creative director of Colenso BBDO Dan Wright talked to StopPress to discuss the nerve-racking, exciting and thrilling elements of shooting a live video for Samsung’s new S9 launch.

Wright says there was additional risk involved in shooting a live video and turning it into a wider campaign. He says that filming a live event to showcase a mobile launch was compelling for the audience at the event and for those who weren’t there.

“It had a sense of humour, it’s important to not take yourself too seriously at these events and enjoy it from an audience perspective. I think people appreciated what the film captured and what it looked like on the big screen.”

Asked if the live launch style is something Colenso BBDO will adopt, Wright says he liked the idea of leveraging a moment in time and sharing it with a wider audience. He believes it will be something Colenso BBDO looks to do in the future.

“Here in New Zealand, we are not drowning in money in terms of the budget for these things so we try to make everything we do count. Turning a paid launch into something that engages with people around the country, it’s a no-brainer.”

The campaign video was released in the following 24 hours of the event and a follow up behind the scenes video is expected to come out soon. 

Original story: Samsung has launched its new Galaxy S9 and S9+ by testing out the camera in a live video stunt via Colenso BBDO and Flying Fish. 

On Wednesday night, Samsung took over The Cloud in Auckland to launch its new smartphones in an event with a twist.

During the night, 25 of the phones were rigged up alongside a set of glitter, jelly, dancers, cocktails and dancers, which in five seconds fell from the air to be captured on the cameras. 

While a blink of the eyes may have caused attendees of the event to miss the action, the resulting video is a spectacle of colour and movement as everything is seen up close and in slow-motion. This content has gone on to form the basis of the launch campaign, which was obviously a high-risk strategy that required a whole heap of planning from the client, its agencies and the production company. 

The launch followed an execution at Auckland City Limits which saw photos taken during the event shared on a digital billboard in Auckland city.

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