Samsung app aims to keep eyes on the road

Given that some psychologists believe that the inbox chime of a new email or text message triggers the same physiological responses as gambling, sex, eating and drinking, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever be able to convince techno-addicts to keep their eyes on the road when the enticing beep, ring or obnoxious vibration emanates from their smartphones. It is thus that Samsung Singapore has adopted a “tough love” approach to social media addicts with a new app that stops them from receiving phone calls, text messages or social media notifications when travelling at faster than 20 kilometres per hour.

If this app proves successful, then would be great if the team from Samsung could develop a follow-on that precludes people from using their phones during dinner. Perhaps, if the Yellow Jacket iPhone case was fused with this app, a smartphone could serve as a tool capable of correcting various forms of undesirable behaviour.



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