Samsung and Vimeo create the art of connection

Vimeo has long been lauded as the go-to platform for discerning filmmakers and serious creatives who want to share their work. Now, it’s teamed up with technology giant Samsung to produce a video series that explores the ideas and infinite meanings of connection and “examines the human relationship with technology”.

Greg Clayman, the general manager of audience networks at Vimeo, says: “Vimeo’s deep relationship with the filmmaking community gives us unprecedented access to up and coming filmmakers that approach content in new and unique ways.”

Called “Connected”, the series is created by 11 Vimeo filmmakers who have been collectively “Staff Picked” 60 times, according to a blog post from Vimeo’s head of brand solutions Jeff Hurlow. The collaboration produced a set of ten original stories. It’s a cool investment from Samsung to connect its technology profile to the artists that use them, and allows Vimeo to explore new ways to produce organic advertising. Much of the pizzazz comes from the level of creativity that’s been afforded to each individual short, with Samsung giving a great amount of leeway to artistic vision.

Currently, nine videos have been made available through the individual creators’ Vimeo channels, as well as the overarching Tumblr page run by Samsung.

Here’s a couple of the projects below:


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