Salvation Army seeks empathy for people in need

With poverty a growing problem in Finland, the Salvation Army is encouraging the fortunate to help the misfortunate in a powerful campaign about how life can change in the blink of an eye.

Spearheading the campaign is a near two-minute video that’s been split down the video to tell two different stories. On the left, we see a father kiss his partner goodbye and leave for work before narrowly missing being hit by a car. On the right, is the same man but he doesn’t avoid the car and instead gets knocked to the ground and hits his head.

While the man of the left goes on to live his life with no problems, we watch as the man on the right faces a hospital stay, unemployment, frustration at home and a broken marriage.

At the end, the line down the middle of the video is removed and the men walk past each.

“Anyone can suffer misfortune,” the video reads at the end.

The campaign has been created by the Finnish agency Make it Simple, and is supported by a campaign website that allows visitors to donate to the Salvation Army and read stories about how people are helping those in need.

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