Ads of the Week: 30 May

Who’s it for: Moa Brewing by Daryl Parsons and the Moa in-house team  

Why we like it: With the Americas Cup heating up and Lions Tour fast approaching, Moa has cleverly captured the hype from both events to create an epic campaign with this song at its centre. Combining all the cliche Kiwi stereotypes—with rugby, racing and beer the main interests—it has all the ingredients for a catchy tune to get the country in the spirit to back its sports stars who are competing here and abroad. 

Who’s it for: Whittaker’s by Assignment Group

Why we like it: In another sport-themed campaign, Whittaker’s is putting the ingredients of its new The Full Eighty chocolate on show to highlight how they can get the boys in black through an 80-minute game. One of those benefits is a witty mention of the banana not slipping up all year and we hope the same will be said about the All Blacks following the Lions Tour.

Who’s it for: TAB NZ by Y&R

Why we like it: Those placing bets on a game’s outcome might be on the sideline, but this campaign puts those people in the game by showing how they too have to beat people to win. Before the connection with TAB is made at the end of the video, those included could be considered the greatest sports players in New Zealand as they hold a number of titles, however by the conclusion it’s understood they’ve reached success via a bet.

Who’s it for: Wendy’s NZ by Augusto

Why we like it: It appears local brands have been quite musical lately as Wendy’s has brought in Wayne Anderson, singer of songs, to create a jingle for its new burger, The Manuka Bacon Swiss Cheese Creamy Portabella Mushroom Brioche, in Chicken or Beef, Melt. The jingle’s release follows a series of videos on the Wendy’s Facebook page that share Anderson’s journey to create it and they show how he had difficulty fitting the mouthful of a name into the final 15-second piece.

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