A salute to the hirsute

Once again, a number of facial follicles are being left to run rampant this month to raise funds for men’s health as part of Movember celebrations. And this year, in an effort to drive sign-ups among ‘mo bros‘ and ‘mo sistas‘, BBDO Toronto created a moustachioued​ male stereotype called Bruce to show that, despite the often hideous appearance of those who take part, they really are heroes. 

Here in New Zealand, Richie McCawesome is leading the charge and growing a slug during the northern tour.  

Even the posh folks in Devonport have lent their support to the cause by attaching a moustache to their beloved water chariot The Kea, as part of a campaign that has been initiated by Carat and Haystac and installed by Ambient Group.

“This is the first time we’ve given a ferry a ‘Mo–over’ and we’re hoping the 1000s of commuters and travellers who catch a ride on The Kea will be inspired by the ferry’s dedication to a great cause,” said Movember’s country manager in New Zealand Robert Dunne.

Lorenzo Bresolin, who served as a judge in the Great Food Race, took the bold step of shaving off his impressive trademark upper lip fur and has in the process rendered himself unrecognisable.

In the past, Bresolin has taken on the role of Mo Mentor, but this year he decided to get involved with the cause.  

“I have a new restaurant ‘The Bresolin’ opening really soon, so I thought if I am changing things up at work, why not change things up with the Mo as well,” he said. “I have always supported charities that support cancer and with Movember it is a bit closer to the bone with the main asset being the moustache, so keen to help out.”


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