Pitching for the rugby pitch

If you’re a clever cookie you’ll be sure to take advantage of the economic juices that will come flowing from the sporting fiasco that is the 2011 Rugby World Cup (RWC). After all, the event is expected to bring at least 60,000 visitors and about 2000 media to the country, resulting in an economic benefit for Auckland of an estimated $267 million.

But if you’re a little stuck as to just how you can swoop in on all the visiting spenders (or how to get those visitors to swoon over your product), a concept aptly named ‘The Pitch’ will be at the Bizzone Business Expo to help you maximise the opportunities of the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Small businesses at this year’s Bizzone Business expo will have the opportunity to pitch the business ideas they think will see their businesses benefit from RWC 2011.

It’s quite simple really. Businesses make an online submission briefly summarising their gem of a business idea for RWC 2011.  The Pitch team will then assess these ideas and if successful, applicants will be invited to deliver a quick-fire presentation to some of this country’s key influencers in the RWC 2011 arena.

The aim of ‘The Pitch’ is to help local businesses to gear up for Rugby World Cup 2011 to maximise the opportunities and to generate more wealth for themselves and for the region.

RWC 2011 Auckland Regional Steering Group Chairperson Rachael Dacy says opportunities for local businesses are one of the great spin-offs from hosting major events.

“Rugby World Cup 2011 offers an enormous range of opportunities for Auckland businesses of all sizes and types. Some are obvious, such as supplying the physical needs of staging the games and festival events, or producing licensed products. But the opportunities go way beyond this.”

Businesses of all shapes, sizes and types are welcome to take part in ‘The Pitch’.  From glassware and ceramics to seating and sleepwear, all businesses are encouraged to submit their ideas. The Pitch team is hoping to discover new products and services that will enhance the Rugby World Cup experience for visitors, so the sky is the limit for new business ideas.

If you’re bursting with a great idea or many, you can submit your idea by emailing: [email protected]

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