Rinnai rips the heatpump a new one, plays up fire’s snuggle-factor

Heat pumps might be seen as an easy and efficient heating option these days, but perhaps because our ancestors spent much time roasting woolly mammoth on an open fire, our primal instincts mean many of us still have a predilection for flame. And Rinnai and Logan Brooke have played on those instincts—and played up the comfort factor of fire—with a new TV ad and special flickering billboard.   

To launch Rinnai’s new gas fire, it’s “most efficient and snuggliest ever”, Logan Brooke set out to show how a ‘real’ fire makes any space feel cosier, and it did that by adding a digital screen to a billboard in Parnell Rise that shows the fire in action (.99 did a major campaign for Rinnai back in 2012). And while it’s unusual to show competitors’ products in an ad, the TV spots do a good job of pointing out the industrial coldness of heat pumps by playing up their noisy, clunking innards and finishing with the incongruous line ‘Let’s snuggle up by the heatpump‘ (the ad is designed to run across a whole ad break, hence the gaps). 

“For anyone sitting at the lights (or by a heat pump) on a cold, wet day, it’s an effective reminder of how nice it would be to snuggle by a real fire,” says a release. 

Logan Brooke’s creative director Ben Chandler has recently moved to the agency after three years at Federation. He’s been replaced by Matt Campbell. 


Agency: Logan Brooke Communications

Media: TV & Video Billboard

Client contact: Kathryn Geck

CD: Ben Chandler, James Rangihika

Account director: Denise Cohen

Director: Ben Chandler, James Rangihika

DOP: Malcolm 

Billboard Production: Squid Inc.

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